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Apple Knowledgebase:  What's different in Filemaker 12?

Filemaker as CRM:  Turns out it's a great idea!


Generally, hosting your Filemaker db has a few drawbacks inherent in putting your files on a computer with other clients of your vendor.  You're unlikely to be able to be able to run plug-ins on the server or to have unfettered access to the schedule of scripts and server configuration.  That's the downside… the upside has everything to do with $30 a month and being able to call someone *else* with problems related to the server.

Point in Space hosting    Point in Space allows you to upload your files to their server, but you'll have to name your files with your assigned prefix.   In my case, I have to add an "HAG" to the beginning of my filenames.  Merely annoying to me, but it may be a real turnoff to someone with more OCD to deal with.

Datatrium hosting 

Triple-Eight hosting       My own experience with Triple 8 makes them a company I wouldn't use again; but I've heard from people who like them… 

WorldCloud  My experience shows their service to be unreliable.  Found the error "Database Not Available" about 10 times too many.


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